by Liz Lorena

Wheel of Fortune Game

Scratch Game created Thursday, January 01, 2015

This is my second completed game made with MIT's Scratch game-design tool.

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This was the second complete game I made. This was basically an adaptation of the Wheel of Fortune game using the Scratch tool by MIT for my Computer Science clas my senior year of high school. Although the tool is generally used by younger children as an introduction to programming, I still learned a great deal from using this tool even though I had initially learned about programming with Visual Basic code. Coding in this program is done through "logic blocks" that are fit together like a puzzle and altered. I ended up with multiple pages worth of these code blocks by the time I finished this project, and it played surprisingly well.

The Take Away

This project showed me I could work well with different kinds of tools and push them to their limits. I tried to use as much of the program's functionalities to make a game with a complex underlying code. I highly recommend challenging yourself or others, no matter their programming skill level, to remake a complex game using this simple tool. You will be pleasantly surprised with the outcome.