by Liz Lorena

My Fourth Portfolio

Published 1 June 2018 in HTML Website

My fourth portfolio is an original design made with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and some Javascript.

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Yes, I made these just for this post.

And finally, this is my current portfolio, and it's the design I've been happiest with by far. For this one, I wanted to go as simple as possible and once again used my graphics to preview my projects, a dropdown button for the mobile navigation, and Jekyll. I also learned how to make custom tooltips and a cute CSS gradient animation for the special link to my blog. Instead of using a white theme, I went for a kickass dark theme because I find it to be much easier on the eyes. Here is also where I changed my logo colors from blue and gold to blue-violet and turquoise.

Here's the mobile site in action:

Here's a screenshot of the entire landing page with graphics of all my best projects thus far: