Liz is a programmer and designer for the web and games. Her main career interest is web design and front-end development.

Liz is currently attending university full-time where she is studying information technology.

Some of the technologies she has used in projects are Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, APIs, and Wordpress, although she also loves making graphics and illustrations. Currently she is interested in Wordpress (and maybe Tumblr) theme development and is working on making a blog and maintaining a social media presence.

When not coding, she is either watching dramas or anime, writing, or posting her artwork online. As a completionist, she loves checking off every little thing that has to be done. She has a family of parrotlets which she loves dearly, and unsurprisingly considers birds and lizards some of her favorite animals.

She is currently looking for an internship in the Central Jersey area in web development, design, video games, or another IT position.