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Hi, I design and develop responsive websites, engage in creative online communities, and am trying my hand at making games!

Technical Skills & Tools

I specialize in front end development and web design, but I also use game development and digital art tools.

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Some of the professional positions I've held.

Dec 2016 - Present

Freelance/ Independent

Providing services in creating websites, games, designs, and illustrations online

  • Designed Wordpress website for non-profit organization Church-Based Mental Health Services (CBMHS) as a pro-bono project under Human Experience Systems LLC
  • Does digital art illustration commissions
  • Manages blog and social media associated with online persona
Shoppers World
July 2015 - Aug 2017


Held summer job at local retail store belonging to a national chain that sells clothing, furniture, and home appliances

  • Handled cash and card purchases and refunds according to store policy
  • Trained 3 employees
  • Translated for customers who only spoke Spanish

Projects Portfolio

Some of my work, side-projects, and school assignments.
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Jobographic Website

Final group project for my Advanced Web Design course in which we use the Google Maps Embed API, the Github Jobs API, the Glassdoor API, and the Google Places Autocomplete API to build a functioning site where a user can search for jobs and companies in the area and the path and travel time from their locations to the companies that interest them.
Technologies used include HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, PHP, AJAX, and several JSON APIs.

WriteKnight Tax App

WriteKnight Website

A one-page website I made in for an award-winning group project in the Management of Technological Organizations course.
Technologies used include HTML, Bootstrap, CSS, and Javascript.


Non-profit's Website (CBMHS)

A two-person pro-bono project to make a Wordpress website for the non-profit organization Church-Based Mental Health Services (CBMHS).
Technologies used include Wordpress and CSS.

Archive.org Redesign

Archive.org Redesign

Final group project for Spring 2017 Web Design class to make a redesign of the Met Museum's Archive.org landing page.
Technologies used include HTML, Bootstrap, and CSS.

Text Adventure in Java

Final group project for my Object Oriented Programming course to make an advanced text adventure game in Java.

Blackjack in Java

BlackJack in Java

Final project for Fall 2015 Intro to Computer Science course to make a working Blackjack game in Java.

Tic Tac Toe in Visual Basic

Final project for my high school programming class to make a Tic Tac Toe game in Visual Basic.

Wheel of Fortune in Scratch

Final project for a high school programming elective class to make a Wheel of Fortune game in MIT's Scratch engine.


My honors and achievements.

Award Description
IT Showcase Student Team Award
Dec 2017
WriteKnight team project in the Gig Economy category had the best poster and pitch as voted by students at an IT Showcase at at my university.
ESA Foundation Scholarship
Sept 2015
Was 1 of 30 women and minorities in the nation who demonstrated a strong dedication to pursuing a career in the video game industry.
NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award
Feb 2015
Was 1 of 46 women in NJ who demonstrated great potential for a career in computing and technology.

About Me

I'm a bilingual Cuban-American from New Jersey with an affinity for foreign languages (namely German, French, and Japanese). I'm currently studying information technology in university, and I'm passionate about programming and designing websites and games. If not doing those things, I'm either watching dramas or anime, playing games, writing, or posting my artwork online. As a completionist, I love checking off every little thing that has to be done. Fun fact: I'm a bird lover!

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To-Do List & Plans
Create a game using GameMaker or Ren'Py (sidescroller with visual novel elements)
Start blog
Practice making pixel art, do more digital art


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