by Liz Lorena

Archived Projects

Here's a gallery of 7 old things I made that are unrelated to web development.

Board Game

Game Design Board Game

December 2018

This was the final project for my Game Design Methodology course in which I and 4 team mates designed a game and built a board game prototype of it. My contributions included the rulebook cover art, some asset art, playtesting, proofreading, and help with game design.

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Unity 3D Game

Phony Reality 3D Game

May 2018

This is my second game made in the Unity game engine. It's a 3D walking simulator with simple fetch quests.

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Unity 2D Game

Metalloid 2D Game

March 2018

This is my first game made in the Unity game engine with a classmate. It's a 2D platformer shooter.

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This is my second game made in Java, and it is a text-adventure.

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Java Game

Blackjack Text Game

December 2015

This is my first game made in Java.

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Scratch Game

Wheel of Fortune Game

January 2015

This is my second completed game made with MIT's Scratch game-design tool.

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Visual Basic Game

Tic Tac Toe Game

January 2014

This is my first completed game made in Visual Basic.

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