LOG OUT A Guide to Surviving Cyber Harassment

Victims of Cyber Harassment

Here are the stories of some notable people who have been heavily affected by cyber harassment in order of when their harassment began.

Oct 17, 2016 Agatha (who went by "Threemilk T" online) was an ASMR YouTuber and Twitch variety livestreamer who became the object of obsession for members of the /r9k/ ROBOT9001 board on 4chan. Although her growth may have been thanks to the attention from these members, she became a victim of cyberstalking, with anonymous users sharing photos of her in threads while making creepy sexual, homophobic, and anti-semetic comments. Overwhelmed by the pressure and harassment from stalkers, she deleted all of her social media and videos from her channel - which had amassed over 40k subscribers - and disappeared from the public eye to pursue a college degree.
Apr 10, 2016 Alex (known as "YandereDev" online) is an indie game developer and former industry game programmer known for his work-in-progress stealth action video game tentatively titled Yandere Simulator. At first his project was very well received by the YouTube gaming community when he started it in 2014 until the developer upset some fans and started receiving criticism about the length of his development despite working full-time on the game and receiving funds from Patreon supporters. Criticism morphed into targeted hate videos, death threats, and slanderous accusations of pedophilia on his social media. The fallout resulted in massive stress and further delaying of the game's completion.
Feb 6, 2016 Julie Ayla Patricia Terryberry was a 19 year old woman from Ontario, Canada who became a target of members on Kiwi Farms who ridiculed her autism, ADHD, sex work, and personal relationships. She committed suicide on June 29, 2016. By then, her thread, which started in February of that same year, was over 200 pages long. She is allegedly the first recorded case of suicide as a result of cyberstalking from Kiwi Farms members. There is an article of her on the Lolcow wiki with a summary of the events and a link to her thread. Read it at your own peril here.
Apr 27, 2015 Chloe Sagal was a 31 year old indie game developer from Portland, Oregon, USA known for her games Homesick, a horror mystery, and Virus Jigglin' Fever, a brick-smashing arcade game. She became a target of members on Kiwi Farms after she attempted to use the money raised from her Indiegogo campaign to fund her sex change surgery from male to female after lying that the fund goal was to raise money for a life-saving surgery for car accident injuries. She committed suicide on June 19, 2018 after enduring years of relentless online harassment and mental health issues.
Jul 10, 2010 Damian Leonhardt, once known as "Jessi Slaughter" online, was only 11 years old when they became a "viral Internet meme" back in 2010. Everyone has seen the video where Jessi's father points at the camera and threatens to call "the cyberpolice" on the 4chan trolls who were harassing Jessi for being "out of control" online and accusing Blood on the Dance Floor singer Dahvie Vanity of raping her. Her online harassment and sexual exploitation took a toll on her and contributed to her developing mental and physical ailments. To this day she is still being stalked online.
Feb 24, 2007 Christine Weston Chandler (dubbed "Chris-chan" online) is a self-described artist, gamer, and creative type who first became known for his infamous Sonichu webcomic. Her bizarre work and neurological condition sparked a curious obsession in members of the /v/ video game board on 4chan, and her work became the subject of the enormous CWCki website, dedicated to cataloging every detail of Chandler's life and ridiculing her. The insidious harassment that has all but ruined Chandler's life still persists to this day. In fact, Chandler's story was the inspiration for the formation of Kiwi Farms.

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